Everyone using Instagram has been following their favorite profiles on Instagram from time to time. Recently, people have been showing interest in profiles that post content related to beaches. People who want to spend most of their times on the beach but could not for whatever reasons, follow these profiles on Instagram to know more and more about life at beaches. The most famous and popular among people who post this content is the Swim Reaper. He posts pictures at the beaches displaying summertime madness and fun. He has become a social media celebrity in no time because of the amazing content he has been posting from time to time.

The Swim Reaper could also be said as a travel influencer just like the Grim Reaper. He posts photos about different travel places with unique poses which attracts more and more users to engage with the content. Recently for Halloween, he gave a spooky touch to his content which helped him boost his reach, as well as increased likes and followers on his content. The reason why he is becoming increasingly and excessively famous is because of his creative and unique content. Everyone likes to discover unique content hence increasing the follower count for his account. The Swim Reaper has collected 100,000 instagram followers because of his amazing photos and witty captions.

The Swim Reaper – A Life Saver

The Swim Reaper has disguised himself as dead man, dressed all black, not even showing an inch of his skin. He has often been called A Character of Death. He has been on a major mission of Water Safety by the New Zealand. He tells people to be safe while they are swimming. He addresses people by mentioning the risks of drowning and suffocating while swimming. He provides cautions and warnings to people by telling them the worth of their lives. His dark humorous visual content, as well as clever, witty, and sarcastic descriptions helps him getting famous among users every day. The likes on his content, and the followers on his profile are overly increasing day by day.

This campaign of saving lives and water safety has been initiated in New Zealand by Jonty Mills who is the chief executive officer of this campaign. Named as the Swim Reaper, he often carries a surfboard with him in his pictures. Initially, the campaign when started was a small initiative but slowly it received such massive attention by people from all across the world. The headline for this initiative is swim dumb, and you are done. The headline is small but it conveys full meaning of losing life if one depicts dumb behaviors while swimming. Many young lives would automatically be saved if people stop acting stupid around beaches and water.

However, the swim reaper is also bound to get some criticism as people do not like when they are been told what to do instead of doing what they want. Everyone likes to do things as they like or please. The swim reaper demonstrates what could happen if an individual starts acting weird near or inside water through his dark humor. He urges people to not make bad decisions when they are around water.

The Swim Reaper motivates individuals to love their love, stop making bad decisions and do not take life for granted. The reaper watches out for young men at the beaches and observes them. He ensures that no one shows undesirable behaviors around water and reduces death accidents. The estimates and researches demonstrate that around 150 deaths happen every year while swimming because of drowning in water. The largest ratio among these deaths is those of young men who try to be over smart in water or think of themselves as experts in swimming. The main reason of the deaths is poor decision making around water, showing weird behaviors in water, or swimming while you are drunk. However, the CEO of the Water Safety New Zealand is of view that these deaths can be saved and prevented from occurring if taken care. The main objective of this campaign is to save lives and reduce the death rate caused by swimming.