Joe Rogan is the notable stand-up comedian. Podcast host and color commentator. He hails from California, America. He got the popularity from the fear factor show as he hosted this show for several years. He has multiple talents and people know him due to his skills in several field of show business. Here we will discuss some unknown facts about his life including Joe Rogan’s net worth. Read on!

Joe Rogan’s net worth is $25 million

Joe Rogan’s net worth is valued at more than $25 million in 2018. He has been working as a stand-up comedian for more than 20 years. His tour ‘strange times tour’ got the utmost popularity around the entire world and USA. His comedy shows have been the main source to increase his net worth. He has 3 million followers on his channel that proves his success and popularity among people.

He is born Comedian:

As Joe Rogan is seen nowadays as a host in many TV shows but he is primarily a comedian, there are a lot of shows on his credit such as talking monkey in space and rocky mountain high. Recently, he gets featured in comedy shows which are premiered in Netflix e.g. Joe Rogan: Triggered etc.

Rogan is UFC Commentator:

Joe Rogan was a professional martial artist in his teenage. He joined the UFC as a commentator that is the biggest sports platform. His passion for martial art makes this program successful. When he was at the tender age of 13, he started mixed martial arts and soon he became a black-belt martial artist. He also competed in many tournaments and he won the grand championship when he was just 19 years old teenager. His experience in sports led him to establish his name as a best UFC commentator and post-match interviewer.

Joe Rogan Experience:

He also started hosting of his own podcast show named ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ that got the utmost popularity around the world in the very short period of time. He also posts his videos on his YouTube channel and he received millions of likes. He also featured other celebrities in his videos that has grown his podcast by leaps and bounds. His podcast show becomes the source of joy and laughter that helped him to gather the large fan base. This show not only becomes the source of his personal brand but also brings a lot of whopping fortune for him.

He supports drugs

Joe Rogan Experience is a platform where he shares his thoughts that he believes in his life. He expressed his thoughts in his show that he is in support of the legalization of mushrooms and cannabis drugs. He also gave some valid points that support his thoughts. He supports the use of these drugs with a couple of reasons including their medical and recreational use. Joe Rogan has also featured in the ‘the union’ which is the marijuana documentary as he likes marijuana.


Joe Rogan’s net worth will be three times more in 2020. His estimated net worth will be $75 million in a couple of years. Leave a comment and let us know do you get inspiration from the successful and interesting life story of Joe Rogan.