Stories is now at the top most used and effective feature in the social media platforms. Instagram highly invested in this feature because many brands and businesses have found this specific feature to be game changing when it comes to marketing especially. It does not take that much effort for the users to post through these features. Brands are using this feature to keep their followers up-to-date about their products and services. Still there are many users who want to improve their Instagram story engagement as this feature alone has so much potential in the marketing world. Following are some main points which users should follow to improve their engagement.

  1. Adding Tap ins:

Use different techniques to enable users to tap in for more content in the stories feature. You can add stickers which can point the viewer to stick for further stories. Another good technique is to create a sequence for your stories post. When there will be a proper sequence of segments in the stories mode, there are more chances that the users will view all of it. Injecting curiosity to your posts will make the user to view each of your segment in the story. This is up to your creativity that how well you can use it.

  1. Provide Important Content:

It is great for the users who post important content in such a way that the users can easily screenshot it. This is really helpful when the images are properly designed so that the vital information is as clear as possible. Go for cool designs to catch the viewers’ attention. It has been seen that adding inspirational quotes with good attractive designs in the stories helps the users to improve their engagement. When you add important information into a single segment, make sure that you keep your content on point. Using list or bullets forms help a lot in creating a clear and concise message.


  1. Improve engagement through conversation:

Best thing that the user can do is to make use of the questionnaires through the stories feature. This will allow the Instagram followers to ask you or your brand different questions regarding it. Use those types of filters and stickers which matches your profile’s theme.

  1. Conduct Surveys:

Conducting surveys is a good move which will allow the users to focus on your stories. It will also improve the story engagement for you and your brand. Try to make an attractive one by adding beautiful designs and filters. Make sure that your content is not ruined by your overwhelming design. Keeping it simple is also a main point.

  1. Hold to Read it:

If the user wants to read something in a segment of the story then he or she has to hold to read. You must ask your followers to hold to read it, and use this approach when you feel like there is something important to read which can take more than 15 seconds.