Grammarly needs no introduction, it is the best tool that helps you to check grammar, plagiarism, spelling including real-time grammar checking. You can also use it for free and it is the best free grammar assistant out there. Isn’t it sounds great? Today, in this post we will discuss the Grammarly review of its features.

Post content:

  • Real-time grammar correcting
  • Highly accurate results
  • Customization
  • Preferences
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Vocabulary Enhancement

Grammarly Review:

Grammarly is the most used and popular writing assistance software. It is famous among writers for a good reason. Let’s have a look at what is the feature that Grammarly has to offer.

Real-time Grammar correcting:

Grammarly has changed the game with its feature real-time grammar correcting. You can check your work and edit it in real-time. The good thing is that you don’t need to write everything out to correct the sentence. All you need to simply click on the spelling and grammar button and you will get to know what the mistakes are and you can correct it by clicking on the right option.

Highly accurate results:

When you check your work in Grammarly, it will provide you with highly accurate results. There are fewer chances that Grammarly misunderstands what you are exactly trying to say, for instance, if you put unnecessarily comma in a sentence where you don’t need, it may make a mistake. Otherwise, you will always get a high rate of accuracy that is essential and the best thing when it comes to checking grammar. All you need to be aware of why Grammarly is asking to change something.


It is available for free of use and has a premium version also. But you can also customize things when you are using its free version but there is some limitation in its feature. You can select any language that you want. You can also add new words that you often use. For instance, if you use the words that are not real words such as slang word, abbreviations, brand name etc. You have no need to fix the error, just click on the option “add to dictionary” when it marks the word as incorrect when you use it for the first time.

Preferences: It is included in the free version of Grammarly that let you change your language and you can easily use English Us, British English, Canadian and Australian English language when you navigate to your profile and change language.

Plagiarism Checker: It is the best and most used feature of Grammarly but is available for the premium version. When you use this feature, Grammarly will cross-check your content from billions of web pages and you can see either your content is plagiarized or not. It is a very powerful feature when you employ a writer and want to ensure that the delivery work is plagiarism free.

Vocabulary Enhancement: It is available on the premium version that help you to enhance your vocabulary and write synonyms for repetitive and overused words.