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All the social media platforms in this digital age are a prime medium to spread art, literature and music. One of these platforms is the Snapchat which focuses on the art through their creative filters which the users loves to use. In USA this month has been declared as the Black History Month which Snapchat celebrated it by introducing new lens through which the users can look at the virtual gallery and see the work of the black Millennial artists. This type of initiative by the Snapchat gives the opportunity to the young artists to reach who have never been heard of. The platform allows these artists to reach the massive audience.

To be able to access the virtual gallery users have to tap in the rainbow colored lens or simply by scanning the snap code. When the user will first open the virtual gallery by tapping in the lens, he or she will see a selfie frame with a black history month banner. The user has to flip the camera in order to go into the Augmented Gallery.

The lens will allow the users to be able to get closer to each project in the gallery by moving towards the art piece physically in the real world. When the user will approach towards a project, camera lens will will zoom in towards it to give yourself a more close look at the art piece.

Just like this initiative by Snapchat, the platform has done the same thing two years back when they introduced Augmented Reality Installation Project. The social media platform virtually placed large sized art pieces in the public places where the users can view through their mobile app.

Due to these innovative introductions by the social media platforms, it is highly likely that it will create more and more opportunities for the artists. This also enables other young artists to stick with their passion due to ongoing support for the art. The best thing about it is that many new talented artists will be discovered. Before the social media world it was very difficult for the artists to make their name in the designing world. The advancement in technology is also creating more ways for the artists to be creative.

In this digital age just like everything is being shifted towards the digital media, it is good that things like these are also getting more recognition. People around the world can easily access your art work, support and appreciate it. Social media platforms are the reason that art is getting more influential and trendy in this age. You will find games, advertising and marketing campaigns to have more design influence. The social media apps itself are working continuously working on their design to make the users’ experience better than before. There will be more updates like this in other social media platforms in future due to the rise of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Integrating these technologies will create more opportunities for the artists.


Nowadays women are working hard and going strong on different levels when it comes to almost all the disciplines in the world. Some women prefer working in their own comfort zone which is there are many women running businesses in their homes. You can find your passion and can work through your home. Here are some of the business casual women ideas which you can go for.

  1. Blogging: It is the most common business idea for women where they have to write interesting blogs or articles to earn money. There is a wide variety of topics which you choose from such as Making Money, Health and Fitness, Cooking, Clothing, Beauty and Fashion, Lifestyle. Bloggers make money through blogging when there is affiliate marketing, promotional ads and videos, services involved on your blogs. Sticking to one topic is a good move because these topics itself are diverse enough that you can share your knowledge in an interesting ways to your viewers.
  2. Freelance Writing: This is also a form of blogging but this field covers all the writing involved whether it be academic writing, blogs, articles, content writing for websites, social media etc. Writers are paid according to the quality and quantity of the content the writer has written.
  3. Affiliate Marketing: This type of marketing approach is used in the whole online world. Due to rise in the e-commerce world advertising and marketing has also been in the rise. Now every website has its section of affiliate marketing. This is the reason women can earn money by diving into this money making idea.
  4. Proofreading: This is also one of the ways women can earn money by working at home. It also has a huge market due to rise in blogging and freelance writing. You can do this job wherever you are, all you need is a mobile phone or a laptop.

These were the business casual women ideas which can be used to earn money and can be grown as a proper business. If you are passionate enough to start your career on one of these fields or you just want to earn money for the time being. These approaches can work on both ways so it is recommended to use these approaches and work at home where you will feel independent.


There are various platforms designed just to work on different projects like these. People can use those platforms to hire people from all over the world. By working on these platforms you will get idea of working of these projects in a huge market. As there are many users in this market so it is essential for the users to create interesting projects. This will help them to attract more customers who will be willing to have you on their projects. Start with one business approach which you feel that you can do it. Give it a try, if you don’t get a good response in terms of earning money then you can always try another approach.