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How to Use Airbnb to Save Money

Airbnb is in the list of the greatest things that has happened to the world in the last decade. It is a reliable community market place that allows people who are traveling to list, discover, and book unique accommodations worldwide. It has changed the way people travel by offering the best accommodations to all types of travelers around the world. What majority of people love about Airbnb is that their prices are very reasonable and the accommodation is much better than most of the hotels. If you are planning to try Airbnb, the following hacks will definitely help save money, time and enhance the overall travel experience.

  1. Get a $40 off on the first stay

A first time user of Airbnb can get $40 off on the very first booking made. Though this is a onetime offer, it is an opportunity that must be availed as it saves the cost. Referral from a friend for the first time can also help get at least $75 off.

  1. Book as early as possible

Unlike hotels that have hundreds of same rooms, Airbnb has unique listings. If the listing gets rented out for a given date, the chance to book it is lost. Amazing places that have an amazing price always go first. The chances that the rates have not escalated are also higher and there is a possibility that there may be a great deal available if booking is made for a long period.

  1. Avail the deals and discount coupons

Due to the availability of regular online Airbnb discounts and deals, there is a very low probability of paying the full rent. While finalizing the booking don’t forget to check out the ‘DontPayFull’ website for tons of discounted coupons and deals. This helps save quite a lot of dollars which can be utilized elsewhere while traveling such as for sightseeing and buying souvenirs.

  1. Negotiate Prices

Majority of Airbnb guests are not aware of the Special Offer feature that is present on the site. The host sends his offer when messaged about dates and booking. This allows negotiations to take place. Being considerate when making offers is very crucial. The end result of positive negotiations is mostly reduced prices and discounts which helps in saving money.

  1. Book for a longer time duration

Booking for a longer time duration is very helpful because numerous Airbnb hosts offer weekly or even monthly discounts. The discounts are usually pretty high and hence less money can be paid with the longer booking. It is cheaper to stay longer in most scenarios.



  1. Travel with a companion

Traveling alone in most cases tends to be very expensive. Having companions along helps save money as a full price does not need to be paid. When booking the accommodation, the rent is divided among the companions hence making even expensive places reasonable.

Follow these Airbnb tips when intending on making your next booking and you can surely save hundreds of dollars. Saving money and traveling the world at the same time is very much possible all thanks to Airbnb.


Google has been in the developing mode for their own ad blocker. This ad blocker will be different from the other ad blockers in a way. The usual ad blockers blocks all the ads even the ones which are appropriate for the users. Many creators and brands rely on the ads so it is necessary for them to have ads on their content. Google solved this problem by creating a standard for the all the ads even if the ads are originated from the Google itself.

The standard will distinguish the ads which are appropriate for the users and which are inappropriate. By using this as a solution it will not harm the users experience and also the creators who rely on these advertisements. The Google Chrome’s Ad Blockers will serve as a balanced medium for the ads which will remove all the unusual frustrating ads from the websites which ruins the users experience. This ad blocker will be fully active from July of 2019.

Google showed in a report that they are different types of ads which are annoying to the users. These ads can be appropriate for the users but their type ruins the experience for the users who are visiting a certain website. These annoying types of ads are for Mobile Users, Pop Up Ads, Prestitial Ads, Audio Play Ads with Sound, Prestitial Ads with Countdown, Density Ads, Flashing and Animated Ads, Large Sticky Ads and Full Screen Scroll Over Ads.

For Desktop users, the types of ads are Pop Up Ads, Prestitial Ads with Countdown, Auto Play Ads with Countdown and Large Sticky Ads. Google provides a tool known as Ad Experience Report which will allow the users to know about their ads. The tool will tell the users that which type of ads are appropriate and are good for the user’s experience.

The Google Chrome Browser covers almost 43 % of the market share in the web browser market. The company says that for now there is less than 1 % of websites which are reviewing their ads to improve the users’ experience for their websites. According to Google the Chrome’s Ad Blocker tool had a good experience in the US and the North America where people have been reviewing their ads through the Ad Experience Tool and are also making the ads better for improving the users experience in the websites.

The Google Chrome’s Ad Blocker will be fully active around the world which will then show the complete results of this program. Users can check their ads through the Google’s Ad Experience Report tool which will guide you in setting up your ads without ruining the users experience for the websites. Google told to the users that they have to review their ads or remove if the ads are not compatible with the Google Ads’ Standards. If the users don’t then there will be traffic penalties for the user’s content.