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10 Important Ways to get more Exposure on Instagram

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social media networking website. It a completely visual platform that allows one to reach a massive and highly active audience. Over a very short period of time, Instagram has emerged to become one of the finest marketing channels worldwide.

Since the shift from chronological feed to an algorithm, increasing exposure on Instagram has proved to be very challenging for the majority of its users. It is thus important to understand the working of the new algorithm and adopting ways that will help boost ones reach on this social media website. 10 most important ways to get more exposure on Instagram are:

  1. Post unique, relevant and quality content

It is utterly important to post as well as promote content that is unique, relevant and above all meaningful. Content is what truly matters as it attracts the attention of the audience and captivates them. Stuff that is inspiring, fun and catchy causes people to stop by the post and make them want to come back for more.

  1. Actively connect with the audience

Captivating audience attention is what everything is all about. It is thus important to connect with the audience in the right manner. Doing proper research and engaging with the right Instagram followers helps broaden the brand’s radar. The best way is to like and reply to the comments and indulge in a meaningful conversation with the audience.

  1. Post at the rightest time

There is definitely no universal time to share stuff. Considering timeliness of the post is a very crucial factor. The best time to post is when the majority of followers are most active which can be achieved by tracking their activity.

  1. Use trending and strategic hashtags

Hashtags are what makes posts discoverable to relevant people when they are searching. Coming up with a catching and unique hashtag of your own is equally important as using hashtags that are trending. Avoid using hashtags that are too distracting or irrelevant.

  1. Engage with other influential Instagram users

Engaging with each other is what Instagram is all about. Look for Instagram users who are influential and can help you seek more attention. It is more like a give and take thing as you will have to do the same for them as well. The audience of that person will also eventually end up following your account.

  1. Cross-promote Instagram account on other social media websites

Promote account on other sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This can be done by sharing links to the account or by sharing the best content on these sites as well. Adding the account on official website can also prove to be a beneficial hack.

  1. Move beyond just posting pictures

Posting pictures should not be the only aim, go beyond it. Engage the audience by uploading videos, regular stories and going live. Host competitions and hold giveaways to seek more attention. These strategies continue to dominate and eventually become essential in getting more exposure.

  1. Post content consistently

Followers follow various accounts because they want to see a specific type of content. Sticking to a certain theme and being consistent with it is that followers expect. Providing them with this will surely increase Instagram exposure.

  1. Become part of an Instagram pod

Instagram pods are groups of a number of Instagrammers (10-15) who have the same audience. They collaborate with each other to increase total engagement. Being part of a pod is very beneficial as it will encourage more users to interact.

  1. Use Instagram advertising meaningfully

Ads are always a powerful tactic to reach followers as it makes content visible to the audience that they would otherwise not view it. The best way is to create an ad campaign to extend Instagram exposure.


All the social media platforms in this digital age are a prime medium to spread art, literature and music. One of these platforms is the Snapchat which focuses on the art through their creative filters which the users loves to use. In USA this month has been declared as the Black History Month which Snapchat celebrated it by introducing new lens through which the users can look at the virtual gallery and see the work of the black Millennial artists. This type of initiative by the Snapchat gives the opportunity to the young artists to reach who have never been heard of. The platform allows these artists to reach the massive audience.

To be able to access the virtual gallery users have to tap in the rainbow colored lens or simply by scanning the snap code. When the user will first open the virtual gallery by tapping in the lens, he or she will see a selfie frame with a black history month banner. The user has to flip the camera in order to go into the Augmented Gallery.

The lens will allow the users to be able to get closer to each project in the gallery by moving towards the art piece physically in the real world. When the user will approach towards a project, camera lens will will zoom in towards it to give yourself a more close look at the art piece.

Just like this initiative by Snapchat, the platform has done the same thing two years back when they introduced Augmented Reality Installation Project. The social media platform virtually placed large sized art pieces in the public places where the users can view through their mobile app.

Due to these innovative introductions by the social media platforms, it is highly likely that it will create more and more opportunities for the artists. This also enables other young artists to stick with their passion due to ongoing support for the art. The best thing about it is that many new talented artists will be discovered. Before the social media world it was very difficult for the artists to make their name in the designing world. The advancement in technology is also creating more ways for the artists to be creative.

In this digital age just like everything is being shifted towards the digital media, it is good that things like these are also getting more recognition. People around the world can easily access your art work, support and appreciate it. Social media platforms are the reason that art is getting more influential and trendy in this age. You will find games, advertising and marketing campaigns to have more design influence. The social media apps itself are working continuously working on their design to make the users’ experience better than before. There will be more updates like this in other social media platforms in future due to the rise of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Integrating these technologies will create more opportunities for the artists.

How to Disable AdBlock on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Are you wondering how to disable Adblock on Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox? If yes, you are on the right page because here we will talk about how you can disable Adblock on major web browsers. Adblock is a famous web browser extension that allows the users to block the unwanted ads and filter the content from being displayed. Let’s have a look what is the method to disable Adblock from your web browser either you are using Google Chrome or Safari.

How to Disable AdBlock on Chrome:

The following steps will guide you how you can disable Adblock on Google Chrome either you are using on Windows or Android device. You can also follow the steps for iOS device and macOS. The interface can be different but you the method is the same.

Step 1: Open your browser and click on more tools and then open Extensions. You can find this option at the upper right side of your page by clicking the three dots.

Step 2: Now find your Adblock extension to turn it off as if you have added too many extensions to your browser, it may take some time to find it. But if have installed a few extensions, you can locate it more easily.

Step 3: In order to remove Adblock on Chrome (if you don’t want to disable it temporarily) then tap on the remove tab. Otherwise, all you need to tap on the Adblock at the upper right side, then click on it to disable the Adblock.

How to Disable AdBlock on Safari:

If you are using Apple Safari on iPhone or you are using this browser on MacBook then follow the below instruction in order to disable Adblock on Apple Safari. The interface is different on PC and iPhone but the method is same. Let’s have a look at how to disable Adblock on safari.

Step 1: open the browser on your Apple MacBook Pro, now go to the browser’s menu at the upper-left side of the page then click on the preferences tab.

Step 2: Now open the Extensions tab (on a new window), now uncheck the option Adblock to disable this extension.

Step 3: In order to permanently remove this extension from your Safari browser, simply tab on uninstall. Don’t go in settings to disable Adblock for a single website like Chrome. Go to the left side and find this icon on the address bar to do the same. Now tap on the tab ‘don’t run on this page and all is done.

How to Disable AdBlock on Firefox:

The interface of Firefox is different on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS but the method is same.

Step 1: Go to your Mozilla Firefox browser and tap on tools (locate on the right side of the screen) and now hit the option Add-ons. Then click on the extensions option, you will see all the installed extensions, find the Adblock and then disable the Adblock extension.

Step 2: In order to permanently remove this extension, tap on the remove tab next to disable button.